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Polyester acrylates

Product range

The combination of good properties and cost-effectiveness that is characteristic of polyester acrylate oligomers, provides formulators for UV/EB cure applications with an attractive option. Sartomer’s polyester acrylate can provide the bridge between performance properties and cost for epoxy and urethane products, and for many applications demonstrate properties superior to urethane oligomers.

Product codeChemical nameFunctionalityProduct description
CN2003 NS Modified Epoxy Acrylate Oligomer Difunctional CN2003 NS is a modified epoxy acrylate oligomer that imparts flexibility, excellent adhesion, and low shrinkage to UV/EB curable coating, ink, and adhesive applications. CN2003 NS can be used on a variety of substrates, including plastics, metals, and wood.
CN2203 NS Polyester Acrylate Oligomer Difunctional CN2203 NS is a polyester acrylate oligomer. It exhibits excellent water balance and good color development in offset printing applications. CN2203 NS is recommended for plastic substrates, especially PVC, polystyrene, and polyolefins.
CN2254 NS Polyester Acrylate Oligomer Difunctional CN2254 NS is a difunctional polyester acrylate oligomer. CN2254 NS is designed for coating applications requiring fast cure, chemical resistance, high gloss, and abrasion resistance. CN2254 NS is also used in adhesive formulations.
CN2261 Polyester Acrylate Oligomer Tetrafunctional CN2261 is a polyester acrylate oligomer.  CN2261 was developed for UV curable wood coating applications, where hardness and abrasion resistance are required.  CN2261 demonstrates excellent cure rates.
CN2262 Polyester Acrylate Oligomer Tetrafunctional CN2262 is a polyester acrylate oligomer with a Primary Irritation Index (PII) of zero. CN2262 was developed for sprayable UV curable wood coatings applications where hardness and abrasion resistance are required. CN2262 demonstrates excellent cure rates and intra-coat adhesion.
CN2283 NS Polyester Acrylate Oligomer Difunctional CN2283 NS is a polyester acrylate that has utility in a number of different applications.  The oligomer exhibits good cure response coupled with flexibility and hydrophobicity.
CN2302 Polyester Acrylate Oligomer High functional CN2302 is a hyperbranched polyester acrylate oligomer designed with low viscosity and high functionality. CN2302 possesses the lowest viscosity of Sartomer's hyperbranched polyester acrylates, along with very fast surface cure. CN2302 is the oligomer of choice for applications requiring low viscosity.
CN2303 Polyester Acrylate Oligomer Hexafunctional CN2303 is a hyperbranched polyester acrylate oligomer designed with low viscosity and high functionality. CN2303 possesses Low viscosity and fast surface cure. CN2303 is suited to UV/EB-cured inks, hardcoats, plastic and water-based coatings.
CN293 Acrylated Polyester Oligomer Hexafunctional CN293 is a hexafunctional acrylated polyester oligomer that demonstrates good pigment wetting and fast cure response.  CN293 is recommended for use in lithographic and flexographic ink formulations, as well as abrasion resistant coatings.
CN294E Acrylated Polyester Oligomer Tetrafunctional CN294E is a tetrafunctional acrylated polyester oligomer. CN294E is used in UV curable coatings and inks including flexographic, screen, and lithographic inks.

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  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
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  • Adhesives
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  • Inks
  • Paper coatings
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