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M Cure® reactive modifiers

Product range

The M Cure® product range has been specially designed to enhance the performance of two-part epoxy/amine cure systems. They can be used to overcome the disadvantages of typical glycidyl ether diluents/modifiers. Main applications are: adhesives, industrial coatings, polymer concrete for repair and restoration, industrial flooring, marine primers, and traffic paint.

Achieve optimum performance for your 2K epoxy/amine cure system


M Cure® products can be used as reactive diluents and modifiers for Bis A, Bis F, or novolas epoxy based resins and fillers in the resin side "Part A" (the amine hardener represents the "Part B").


Due to their rapid reaction and their excellent diluting effect, the MCure products can help the formulator in producing low VOC systems required by specific applications overcoming the disadvantages of typical glycidyl ether diluent/modifiers.


M Cure® products offer a number of significant advantages, including:

  • fast ambient and low temperature cure
  • reduced amine blush
  • formulating latitude (from low VOC to 100% solids)
  • improved substrate wetting characteristics
  • reduced formulation viscosity without property loss.

At Sartomer we have a strong technical expertise to support your developments, please contact us to discuss the best solution for your formulation.

Product codeChemical nameFunctionalityProduct description
MCURE 201 Aliphatic Acrylate Modifier For Epoxy/Amine Systems / MCURE 201 is an aliphatic acrylate monomer that gives excellent viscosity reduction and light fastness.  M CURE 201 also exhibits good cold temperature cure properties.
MCURE 300 NS Aliphatic Acrylate Trifunctional MCURE300 NS is an aliphatic acrylate monomer designed for applications requiring fast cure rate, excellent chemical resistance and good heat distortion properties. MCURE300 NS also offers very good cold temperature curing without amine blush.
MCURE 301 NS Aliphatic Acrylate Trifunctional MCURE301 NS is an aliphatic acrylate monomer that gives excellent viscosity reduction and high reactivity. MCURE301 NS should be used with aliphatic or cycloaliphatic amines.
MCURE 400 NS Aliphatic Acrylate Tetrafunctional MCURE400 NS is an aliphatic acrylate monomer that is designed for applications where extremely fast cure rates are required, particularly at cold temperatures. Due to the extremely fast reactivity at room temperatures, pot life is dramatically reduced.

Geographic availability



  • Building and construction
    • Additives for polymer concrete
    • Adhesives and sealants
    • Coatings
    • Composites
    • Sealants and construction adhesives
  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
    • Adhesives and sealants
    • Coatings


  • Concrete flooring
  • Construction adhesives and sealants
  • Floor coating
  • Sealants
  • Traffic striping
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