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UV printing to be the future of digital printing

Broad range of recommendations to meet the requirements of digital printing

Rapid growth of UV curable inkjet was supported by Sartomer’s high performance monomers and oligomers


  • Low viscosity
  • Good pigment wetting
  • Mild odor
  • Fast cure speed

Benefits from UV curable inkjet

  • Low viscosity level make it suited for the tight specification of jettable ink

Our selection of monomers

ProductFunctionalityViscosity (mPa.s@25°C)Tg (°C)Highlights
SR217 NS 1 7-11   Good flexibility
SR285 1 2-5 -15 Good adhesion
SR339 NS 1 7-12 5 Good toughness
SR420 NS 1 2-10 29 Low viscosity
SR506 NS 1 9 88 Good toughness
SR531 1 10-15 32 Low odor, high toughness
SR578 NS 2 5-15   Good pigment wetting
CD595 2 8-20 91 Good pigment wetting, low odor
SR833 NS 2 80-180 104 High hardness, low odor


Our selection of oligomers

ProductFunctionalityViscosity (mPa.s@25°C)Tg (°C)Highlights
CN131 NS 1 100-300@25°C 13 Good adhesion, flexibility, low viscosity
CN2270 NS 2 35@25°C 36 Low viscosity, good pigment wetting
CN2302 16 300@25°C 74 Fast cure speed, Low viscosity, high hardness
CN2303 6 350@25°C 104 Fast cure speed, Low viscosity, high hardness
CN371 NS 2 800-2,800@25°C 0 Fast cure speed and air inhibition reduction
CN551 NS 4 400-1,000@25°C 23 Fast cure speed and air inhibition reduction
CN991 NS 2 6,000-12,000@25°C 27 Low viscosity, toughness


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