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PRO31593, PRO31641, PRO31278 and PRO31657 New specialty acrylate for 3D Printing

Sartomer offers a wide range of newly developed specialty acrylates, which are optimized for SLA and DLP technologies, used for various types of 3D printing applications:

Sartomer's specialty acrylates used in 3D printing applications
  • Dental
  • Alternative to TPU
  • Jewelry casting
  • Prototyping

PRO31593 demonstrates low shrinkage, good applied in 3D printing for dental

3D additive manufacturing applications
  • Low irritation
  • Fast cure
  • Toughness

PRO31641 demonstrates good flexibility for TPU alternative

  • High flexibility
  • Good resilience


PRO31657 and PRO31278 demonstrate good dimensional stability for casting

  • Low ash
  • Good wax-like behavior
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