New Polyester Acrylates

CN8302 NS and CN8303 NS

Multifunctional acrylates are specially designed for UV curable offset inks

DAP free liquid resin

Product highlights

  • DAP free liquid resin
  • Excellent pigment wetting
  • Excellent flowing property
  • Excellent mar resistance
Typical value
Functionality 4
Viscosity (cps@60°C) 1,700
Color (APHA) 140
Refractive index (@25°C) 1.5388

Product highlights

  • Excellent misting property
  • Excellent ethanol resistance
  • Excellent emulsification
Typical value
Functionality 4
Viscosity (cps@60°C) 1,750
Color (APHA) 420
Refractive index (@25°C) 1.5012

Performance highlights

CN8302 NS

  • DAP free liquid resin presents an excellent flowing property


CN8303 NS

  • Excellent improvement on ethanol resistance and emulsibility properties

Performance comparison

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