A Newly Developed Low Energy Curable Liquid Resin

Designed to enhance curing speed and reduce surface oxygen inhibition for UV LED curing process

Eco-friendly UV LED Technology Benefits

  • No ozone emissions
  • No toxic mercury
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower heat generated and operating temperature
  • Good for heat sensitive substrates


Compared to traditional method of curing.

Multi-functional UV curable liquid resin for UV LED curing process

Product highlights

  • Fast cure
  • Reducing oxygen inhibition
  • Good surface cure
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Low odor and low yellowing
  • High hardness
  • High gloss
  • Good for heat sensitive substrates
Typical value
Functionality 4
Viscosity (cps@60°C) 800 - 1,200
Color (APHA) <100
Refractive index (@25°C) 1.4893
Appearance Clear

CN9906 NS improves curing speed

 CN9906 NS is more effective in improving the curing speed than other multi-functional oligomer and monomer.

A higher dosage of CN9906 NS can perform faster curing speed.

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