Corporate approach

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Arkema and Sartomer?





CSR is the contribution of a company to the sustainable development of our world.



Our CSR policy contributes to the creation of value for the surrounding society. Learn more

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) for Arkema and Sartomer

“Our strategic position as a central player in the industry, dedicated to serving our customers, creates an obligation for us to set an example of excellence in environmental awareness, safety and sustainability in chemical production.
I firmly believe that implementing an ambitious corporate social responsibility policy creates value for both stakeholders and the company itself.”


                                                    Thierry Le Hénaff, ARKEMA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability, public opinion and regulation

Public opinion

  • Consumer pressure on brands (IKEA, NESTLE,...)
  • Voters pressure on institutions (REACH)
  • Investors pressure on listed corporate groups (FTSE4good)
  • Public opinion may be influenced –sometimes on non scientific ground –by stakeholders

Arkema and Sartomer dedication

  • Arkema and Sartomer employees share the objective to reduce the group’s environmental footprint, which can be achieved through three types of actions:
    - Limit emissions of our different activities
    - Reduce consumption of natural resources
    - Developing the use of renewable resources


  • Arkema and Sartomer employees share the objective to help our customers to reduce their environmental footprint


  • Arkema and Sartomer also take care that neither people’s health, nor the environment, are impacted by its products
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