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SpeedCure XFLM01

Polymeric benzophenone, thioxanthone and amine Blend
#CAS 1003567-84-7
#CAS 1003557-17-2
#CAS 1003567-83-6
#CAS 1003567-82-5
#CAS 1003557-16-1
Product overview
SpeedCure XFLM01 is a liquid blend of polymeric photoinitiators and polymeric amine synergists, with absorption maxima at 255 and 310 nm. SpeedCure XFLM01 provides balanced curing, low odour and low migration when used at 2-10 wt% in UV and LED curable formulations.
Geographic availability
Performance Depth Cure, LED, Low Odor, Pigmented Systems, Surface Cure