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Acrylate monomers

Product range

Acrylate monomers are key components in the formulation of coatings, inks, and adhesives. They react fast, which is very important in rapid cure technologies like UV/EB curing. Sartomer’s exceptionally large range of acrylate monomers provides the formulator with viscosity control as well as a wide array of unique chemistries to assist the formulator in dialing in cure speed, adhesion, weatherability, hardness, scratch resistance, and many other high performance characteristics.

A high performance MONOMER product line

Monomers- More than 100 products

  • A versatile toolbox of chemical structures for unique properties

      Alkanes Ethers Esters Aromatic ring Aliphatic ring Alkoxylation
    R group =            
  • Mono to hexafunctionalities

  • Adhesion promoters                            

  • Amine cure, peroxide cure coagents

  • Low odor / low migration (LM, Y product lines), bio-renewab

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