Sartomer overview

Sartomer, part of the Arkema group, is the premier global supplier of specialty acrylates and methacrylates monomers and oligomers for a broad range of applications: coatings, flooring, printing plates, DVDs, printed circuits boards, eyeglasses and many others.

A leading manufacturer of specialty acrylates and methacrylates

Founded over 55 years ago, the company has pioneered the commercial development of products for cured-in-place technologies. The name, "Sartomer" means “tailor made” – the ability to make new, customer-specific compositions. Every aspect of Sartomer's operations is uniquely structured toward one common accommodate the special requirements of each individual customer, large or small.


Sartomer is a strong international company by any standard. As part of Arkema group, Sartomer offers customers global access to technology, manufacturing and service. This means more unique solutions, dependable supply and consistently high quality products and services.

Sartomer, a partner for your business

Our offering:

  • Large product range
  • Customized grades for specific performance
  • High quality products
  • Variable batch sizes for flexibility
  • Security of supply: global manufacturing (Americas, Asia, Europe) and supply integration via Arkema group.

A committed team to meet customer needs:

  • Strong global technical expertise to support your developments
  • Innovation driven company
  • Strong global customer service
  • HSE support
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