Coatings and adhesives

Solutions for UV/EB/LED cured coatings

With Sartomer specialty acrylates, formulators can develop innovative and customized solutions for the various market needs:

  • interior and outdoor coatings
  • flexible to very hard coatings
  • excellent adhesion on wood, metal and a wide variety of plastics


and achieve advanced properties in cosmetic, automotive, electronic and industrial applications.

UV LED EB cured coatings

Solutions for UV/LED/EB cured adhesives

Formulate UV/LED/EB cured adhesives systems with Sartomer specially acrylates and methacrylates

  • Laminated adhesives
  • Light optical clear adhesives (LOCA)
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)


Energy cured adhesives can be formulated with a wide range of functionalities and differrent acrylate chemistries to achieve advanced properties.

UV LED EB cured coatings

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